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sir charles

     The Sir Charles exceptional opportunity for the discriminating owner to have his dog personally trained and handled by School Director, David Holzman, formerly of London, England, known internationally for his professional award-winning results. Mr. Holzman has trained hundreds of dogs and their owners in all levels of training: starting with kindergarten, basic obedience, intermediate and advanced instruction. Mr. Holzman's training and handling methods, a refinement of the British methods, are incorporated in many dog schools across America as are his techniques and procedures used by many dog obedience trainers nationwide.

     You and your dog will benefit from the same professional expertise and training techniques Mr. Holzman used in the training of his dog Sir Charles... ranked the Number One Dog in the United States in dog obedience competition. (Click on the Link My Dog Charlie and learn more about this amazing dog and his handler/trainer David Holzman.) The key to our success is that we are highly motivated in solving all problems connected with dog training and pride ourselves with the knowledge of animal communication and animal psychology, a sensitivity which is at the root of all successful dog training.


     The answer is simple. Home training by an untutored owner rarely accomplishes what you hope for. When you bring home a new puppy, your expectations are that you will train your dog and you will both live happily ever after. You may read books on training, ask advice of your friends, choose a technique, and start. sir charlesYou may even accomplish part of what you want. Yet all too often a dog becomes something other than what you expect. He stains rugs, soils furniture, jumps on guests, terrorizes mailmen, and makes each daily walk a tense, arm-straining ordeal. He may become hyperactive, intensely shy, bark incessantly, and even bite. You may decide, "Either he goes, or I will!" Or you may compromise, and accept what you have accomplished, and just tolerate the irritations.

No compromise is necessary. With proper schooling, you can learn to handle your dog. He can learn to obey you, and a truly rewarding relationship can begin.

     At Sir Charles School we train your dog to obey you. And we coach you on how to exact the best behavior from your dog. Our services are for any dog owner with an untrained puppy, or a pet who is not the prince he started out to be, but could be, with the right training and handling.


Sir Charles School for Dogs
5100 South Dixie Highway, Suite 13 West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
(561) 582-2120

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